Onu supports uploading CSV files.

import { Task } from "@onuhq/node";
import csv from "csv-parser"
import axios from "axios"

const task = new Task({
  name: "Approve organizations",
  description: "Approves organizations in the given csv",
  slug: 'approve-orgs',
  input: {
    uploadFile: {
      type: "csv",
      name: "Upload file",
  run: async (input, context) => {
    const response = await axios.get(input.uploadFile.url);

    const text = resp.data

    // parse the csv
    let results: any[] = []

    // Parse the CSV data
    csv({ headers: true })
      .on('data', (data: any) => results.push(data))
      .on('end', () => {
        // Process the parsed CSV data here

    return results


When uploading a file, your task will be called with a File object that contains information about the file that was uploaded, including a presigned URL to allow you to download the csv data. This presigned URL will expire after 1 hour.

The File object:


The name of the file that was uploaded


The type of file. Onu currently supports text/csv.


A presigned URL allowing download access for the file contents. This URL expires after 1 hour.